"Save Mikako" Foundation:Save Mikako as she fights against Hirschsprung's Disease.

To all of you who support Mikako

We are very sad to announce the following to all of you who support and help for Mikako: On August 8th, Mikako passed away at 1:20a.m. in Japanese time (12:20 in U.S. time), even though the doctors and the nurse in The University Hospital of Columbia New York-Presbyterian tried everything to fight for Mikako's life fight.

We would like to say thank you all who helped and supported in various way.

Thank you very much again.

Sending an additional deposit

In June Mikako's father came back to Japan urgently and held a press conference at The Ministry of Health on June 7th. The Announcement was to renew our efforts for saving Mikako. We finally managed to raise another 60 million yen and sent 500,000 dollars as an additional deposit to The University Hospital of Columbia New York- Presbyterian.

This was all made possible due to your tremendous support. We appreciate all of you for your great supporting and assistance.

However, Mikako remains in the ICU. As a result, we will continue to raise further funds because we forecast extra medical expenses incurring additional deposit(s).

We would be grateful again for everyone's warm support.

Save Mikako Chan

We want to save Mikako (11 months) with Hirschsprung's Disease.

Mikako was born on November 14th 2008 and when she was 1 week old she was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's Disease: the disease affects the Intestines due to the absence of ganglion cells causing a mechanical or functional obstruction, preventing the normal transit of the products of digestion.

In the case of Mikako, she lacks the nerves in her bowels, so she can't receive nourishment by mouth and she is fully-dependent on a central intravenous catheter.

Unable to transplant in Japan.

She requires transplantation of both small and large intestines for treatment of her sicknes. Doctors also hinted at a possible transplant of her liver to be on the safe side. At first, she was scheduled to transplant her mother's small intestines, but that was not possible as the internal organ of an adult is too large for Mikako according to an in-depth probe.

Under current law, only people 15 years or older can donate their internal organs, which were all too large for her, so Doctors decided that transplanting in Japan was just not going to happen.

Recently a bill for Child Transplants in Japan was passed into law by the government but unfortunately actual surgery can start in Japan after July 2010 at the earliest, and for Mikako's body far too long.

Not covered by insurance.

She has an opportunity to do the Transplant outside Japan (U.S), the cost of which would require around one hundred million yen for travel expenses, costs of medical care and surgery. It is extemely expensive for normal individuals or families to afford by themselves.

To help Mikako and her family, we have setup the "Save Mikako chan" Fund and started to raise money after consulting the Japan Transplant Support Association.

We can save Mikako-chan with your help and are hoping for any contribution you can kindly give.

We would be grateful for everyone's warm support.

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