"Save Mikako" Foundation:Save Mikako as she fights against Hirschsprung's Disease.

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Budget Details

Donation Goal 182,000,000 yen (Below is the breakdown)

Medical Expenses

162,000,000 yen
Deposit to hospital. In the case that other organs need to be additionally transplanted, incurred costs will be added and the budget modified accordingly.
Preliminary Treatment Cost

4,000,000 yen
The cost of treatment that is not included in the deposit as required by the hospital.
Travel Expenses

6,000,000 yen
The cost of flying with special equipment and special handling of Mikako is very expensive. On the same flight medicine and various medical equipment will be transported. The travel expense above includes Doctor, Nurse, and Family member(s) who accompany Mikako.
Accomodation Expenses

5,000,000 yen
The accomodation costs shall include those of escorting family members. These costs shall comprise mainly of house rent, utility costs and communication costs. We are budgeting for 6 months accommodation for operation preparation and rehabilitation time post surgery. Circumstances may extend the length of stay up to 1 year.
Administrative Expenses for the foundation

2,000,000 yen
These are necessary expenses to cover administrative costs incurred by the foundation. Mainly, publicity expenses as needed when collecting donations such as: stationary, collection boxes, pamphlets, postage, registration costs for fundraising locations and advertising.

3,000,000 yen
We reserve the right to create a contingency budget in the case expenses are extremely high or low. Ex. Travel expenses.

Fundraising Goal



Updated 6/30/2011