"Save Mikako" Foundation:Save Mikako as she fights against Hirschsprung's Disease.

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About "Save Mikako"

Setup the Fund to help Mikako and start to raise money.

We have setup the "Save Mikako chan" Fund on September 11th 2009.

Mikako Furuya (11 months) as a daughter of Shinichi and Kayoko Furuya in Shibuya Tokyo was born on November 14th 2008, and was diagnosed with Hirschsprung's Disease: the disease affects the Intestines due to the absence of ganglion cells causing a mechanical or functional obstruction, preventing the normal transit of the products of digestion.

In the case of Mikako, she lacks the nerves in her bowels, so she can't receive nourishment by mouth.

Recently a bill for Child Transplants in Japan was passed into law by the government on July 2009, but unfortunately actual surgery can start in Japan after July 2010 at the earliest, and for Mikako's body far too long.

As a result, her parents decided to do the Transplant outside Japan, with luck favoring them they were admitted into New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell.

She have had the chance to transplant, but the cost of such a transplant surgery abroad requires around one hundred million yen for travel expenses, costs of medical care and surgery. It is extemely expensive for normal individuals to afford.

To help Mikako, we have setup the "Save Mikako chan" Fund and started to raise money. We can save Mikako-chan with your help and are hoping for any contribution you can kindly give.

To help Mikako in undergoing transplant of both small and large intestines as soon as possible, we would be grateful for everyone's warm support.

"Save Mikako" Foundation Hirokazu Nakaoka (Chairman)

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