"Save Mikako" Foundation:Save Mikako as she fights against Hirschsprung's Disease.

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"Save Mikako" Foundation Charter

1: Appellation

This foundation is named "Save Mikako" Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the foundation).

2: Firm

The foundation resides in Yoyogi-Residence Apt. 205, 2-27-8 Yoyoghi Shibuya-ku Tokyo.

The foundation reserves the right to open further offices as necessary.

3: Objective

The foundation is a nonprofit organization assisting to cover the necessary costs for both small and large intestinal transplants for Mikako Furuya outside of Japan.

This shall be achieved through charitable individual, group or institutional donations.

The foundation intends to offer the various parties above many opportunites to contribute by utilizing the media and organizing events to raise money.

4: Activities

The foundation shall strive to do the following activities to reach the objective as described in the preceding article.

    1. Collection of money at various sites to cover costs of medical bills, travel expenses and accommodation during the intestinal transplant.
    2. Public relations activity to advertise, circulate and distribute information in order to acquire further donations.
    3. Maintain the business by staffing the office with volunteers and operate under thorough financial practices.
    4. Other activities as deemed necessary to attain the goal.

5: Active Period

    1. The foundation will conclude activities as soon as the financial goal is reached.
    2. The foundation will conclude activities and be dissolved after a financial check upon reaching the goal or in the case that services are no longer required.

6: Members

The foundation is comprised of individual or group members who adhere to the above objectives with the ability to support the activities.

7: Membership Fee

The foundation shall not collecting any enrollment or membership fees.

8: Board members

The foundation is comprised of the following board members:

  • Chairman (1) Chairing the board and controlling function.
  • Vice-Chairman (1) Representing the board in the Chairman's absence.
  • Executive Director (1) Convening over the operations of the board.
  • Accountant (1) Budgeting and money management.
  • Volunteer Coordinator (1) Organizer of individual or group volunteers who adhere to the rules / purpose to aid during Foundation activities.
  • Publicist (1) Oversees appropriate disclosure of information to media sources.
  • Public Relations (1) Being a role that relation to outside Japan or Associate.

The foundation reserves the right to find replacement member(s) as necessary.

9: Compensation

Board members of the foundation shall not receive compensation unless they incur expenses assisting with Foundation activities.

These expenses shall be re-imbursed upon proof with valid receipts.

10: Operation

The foundation shall operate based on this charter, however in the case of developments not covered by this document, the foundation reserves the right through a majority board member vote to amend the charter as necessary.

11: Accountant

The foundation has its own accountant, who shall confirm withdrawals and deposits of money to/from other board members based on the form as determined by the board members and posted on the web-site (http://mikako-bokin.com).

12: Auditing, Disposition of Remaining Assets

After the foundation’s shuts down, there shall be audits to confirm fair accounting practices and check for outstanding bills.

The Foundation reserves the right to seek advice from Doctors when concluding fiscal matters.

Upon completion of audits and financial checks, the reserve will be donated to other group(s) or individual(s) seeking a transplant outside Japan.

The foundation shall post results of the final budget and dissolution of reserve financial resources on the web-site.

(If the foundation shuts down the web-site, proper disclosure of the final disposition shall be announced.)

13: Charter Implementation

This charter was put into effect from September 18, 2009.

In case this charter requires amendment, the foundation shall convene with the board members and decide by majority vote.

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